Friday, August 20, 2010

More for sale

I'm looking for a female curler who has a 30" waist, and 41" hips! Could this be you?

Hair colour and age are unimportant, and it doesn't really matter whether you have long or short legs.

You see I'm trying to help out a friend who has a brand new, never used, pair of Olson Contour Curling trousers for sale.

Description: 'Olson's Contour Pants feature a fashion-forward mid-rise waist band, stylish slim fit, flattering flared leg, belt loops and extra stitching details. These detail-driven pants offer similar iconic styling to the Low-Rise, but with a more conservative rise waist. The legs are unhemmed so you can have them tailored to the perfect inseam length.' More here.

The seller is A friend of hers brought them back from Canada but unfortunately they turned out to be too big (!) for her. They are sized MED - 30" Waist / 41" Hip, in black.

Suggested price is £55, including postage to anywhere in the UK. Contact Louise to negotiate, if you think they will fit you.

Louise has promised to buy me a coffee if we can find a buyer. A coffee! Yes, the new Skip Cottage Curling needs to maximise any opportunity for income generation, and after all we are a 'public service' blog!

And of course if you DO need a new set of 'pants' for the new season, and Louise's don't fit you, blog supporter British Curling Supplies may be able to help - follow the BCS link in the side bar on the right.

Then again, maybe Loudmouth Golf is the route you want to go down, aka the 'Norwegian Road'. (I rather hope so!)

Of course, another reason for posting this today, is to point you to the 'For Sale' page above, where I have two more sets of stones which I need to sell.

PS Talking of selling things, although there has been no official announcement yet, the word on the street is that the Royal Caledonian Curling Club Board is set to rethink their decision to send Charles Lees's Grand Match painting for immediate sale. Good news. More information as it comes to me.