Sunday, September 26, 2010

European Mixed Wrap

For those who have never visited the Greenacres Rink, it has the most picturesque of settings in the Renfrewshire countryside. It was a beautiful day outside, as well as inside, yesterday! And a big 'Well Done' to the organising committee, and all the staff at the rink. Given how little time they had to organise the event, the 2010 Euro Mixed can indeed go down as a success.

This is the final of the European Mixed Curling Championship. Scotland v Switzerland. Gioia Oeschle is in the head, with Kerry Barr and David Edwards behind.

Alina Patz encourages Sven Michel and Gioia Oeschle

David Edwards and Claudio Patz, the two skips

David and Kerry in conference!

Kerry Barr has a 'How did I get here' moment!

Claudio Patz discusses options with Sven Michel

Dillan Perras, Louise Wood and Kerry Barr look after their skip's stone

Bronze medal game now. Lana Watson in the head for England, with Germany's Rainer Schoepp and Andrea Schoepp behind

The German front end, Imogen Lethmann and Florian Zahler, pass the Championship banner

Alan encourages Andrew Reed and Suzie Law

The walk of the winners!

Winners Podium

Fifth, and fifth and a half, team member Claire Perras, plus chief supporter Luke Perras, join the team for this one!

Silver for Team Switzerland

Bronze Medalists - Team Germany

Missing out on a medal by the narrowest of margins - Team England

The Turkish curlers, new to international curling, have been a big hit since they arrived in Scotland, training at the Waterfront mostly, but also at Braehead as well as Greenacres, under the guidance of Scottish expat Brian Gray (back right in the pic above of the Euro Mixed squad). Brian has helped me with the names, which I promised I would get.

Here they are. Back (l-r): Burcu Pehlivan (alternate), Ilhan Osmanagaoglu (alternate), Didem Deniz (assistant coach, translator), Brian Gray (coach). Front (l-r): Ali Osman Sahin (2nd), Aysun Ergin (3rd), Kadir Cakir (4th), Oznur Polat (lead). 

All pics © Skip Cottage, except the last which is courtesy of Brian Gray