Friday, February 18, 2011

Bruadar: Draw 8

Going into the penultimate round robin games at the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship today, Tom Brewster topped the standings on six wins, with Duncan Fernie, Sandy Reid and David Murdoch all on five wins. Logan Gray and Hammy McMillan were on four wins.

All the scores are here.

Brewster continued his winning ways by defeating Lee McCleary. Team Brewster sits on top of the pile now with seven wins, one round of games remaining.

Murdoch (that's his team in the pic above - Ross Hepburn's stone, Warwick Smith and Glen Muirhead sweeping) played out a close one against Hammy McMillan, the teams tied after nine. Murdoch played a hit, tight past the guard, for the win, and now has six wins.

Duncan Fernie was one behind coming home against the Graham Shaw team with David Hay again skipping. Team Fernie lay three when David went to play his last, but he coolly plunked it on top of the Fernie shot for the win. Duncan Fernie's team stays on five wins.

So what about the Logan Gray - Sandy Reid game. Here, David Soutar and Scott Macleod sweep Sandy Reid's stone. It wasn't to be their game though, as Logan strode to an 8-5 win. Gray's team are now on five wins, the same as Reid.

"Bless this stone........ " Moray Combe and Sandy Reid.

In summary, Brewster 7-1 (wins-losses), Murdoch 6-2, Reid, Fernie, and Gray 5-3, McMillan and Hare 4-4, Black and Shaw 2-6, McCleary 0-8. All to play for in the final round which matches Shaw and Hare, McMillan and Gray, Fernie and Brewster, and Murdoch and Reid.

Photos © Skip Cottage