Friday, February 18, 2011

Columba Cream: Tiebreaker 1

Anna Sloan and Sarah Reid (front in the pic above) matched up in the first tiebreaker this afternoon. When they had met earlier today in the last round of the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Championship, it had gone to the last stone.

This time Anna, Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod established an advantage early and were 5-1 up after six ends. Anna was playing some great shots, and got her team out of trouble in the seventh, although Team Reid (Sarah with Kerry Barr, Kay Adams and Barbara McFarlane) still picked up two, only to lose three to Sloan in the eighth.

Sloan was two in front coming down the tenth with the hammer and had the game won on Anna's first stone. Next up ..... Gail Munro later this evening.

You will find the linescore here.

Anna Sloan

Anna readies her stone, with Rhiann and Vicki.

Kerry Barr and Sarah Reid discuss options.

Sarah Reid

Here Kerry is in charge of the house, with Claire and Anna behind.

Photos © Skip Cottage