Monday, February 28, 2011

Grand Masters at Greenacres

Christine Stewart sends this report:

Sixty-four curlers, every one a Grand Master, gathered at Greenacres Curling Club last week for a two day bonspiel. To qualify for this competition all the participants had to have achieved three score years and ten. That gave them a combined minimum age of 4,480 years! And just try to imagine the number of stones these guys have thrown over the years.

The sixteen teams were greeted with coffee and bacon rolls before getting down to the serious business on the ice. Divided into two sections they played two six end games in the first day and one in the second using the Schenkel system for ranking. At the end of day one the curlers sat down to a well deserved dinner complete with guest speaker and plenty of stories.

After three games it came down to four teams battling it out for the high and low road titles. Willie Ralston from Stirling faced Hamilton’s Jim Waddell in the high road final, while David Young from Perth took on Jimmy Johnson from Kinross in the low road. Willie Ralston, Duncan Hamilton, Robert Gallacher and John Sands took the title, Jim Waddell, Jack Muir, Robbie Scott and John Veitch settled for second place.

The low road final was won by David Young, Willie Scott, Ian McDonald and Donald Whyte beating Jimmy Johnson, Ian Nicholson, Jim Paterson and Ian Muirhead.

The third Grand Masters Bonpsiel was voted a great success by all the players. Some questions came up, could numbers be increased? Well it’s up to you out there. If interested contact Greenacres at the email address below, or if you are not a silver surfer, use snail mail, Greenacres Curling Rink, Bowfield Road, Howwood, Renfrewshire, PA9 1DE.

We have Masters and Grand Masters, what about Legends? Just add five years to the three score and ten and contact Greenacres. That’s the gentlemen taken care of, what about the ladies? The ladies may be less willing to admit to being of a certain age but who could resist being a Grand Mistress? Volunteer now at!

Top photo (L-R) Robert Gallacher, Willie Ralston, Duncan Hamilton and John Sands from Stirling, is courtesy of Hugh Stewart.