Thursday, February 24, 2011

Henderson Bishop 2011 Final

The winners of the 2011 Henderson Bishop, (L-R) Maggie Wilson (3rd), Claire Dagen (2nd), Kay Gibb (skip) and Laura Morris (lead), Aberdeen.

I was unable to see any of the competition other than today's final which matched Kay Gibb and her team against Kate Adams, Vicky Wright, Debbie Torbet and Alison Bell from Stranraer. This was a tense one, going down an extra end (an eleventh), with Kay making a double takeout for the win.

All the section and semifinal scores can be found here. From what everyone was telling me today, it had been a great week with first class hospitality and friendship at Murrayfield. And the semifinals in particular had been close well played games.

Here all Team Gibb get into the action on the skip's stone. I should mention that the team was 'conceived' in a Pizza Hut in Dundee on the way home from the Unders and Overs last year! So there are two morals to this: (1) Play in the Unders and Overs this year (teams are still needed) if you want to win beautiful trophies next season, and (2) Eat lots of pizza to improve your game!

Youngest team ever to win the Henderson Bishop by my reckoning. Laura is 25, Claire and Maggie are both juniors, and Kay is .... a little older!

Vicky comes out to help Alison and Debbie on Kate's stone.

Kate, whose daughter Vicki has won both Scottish and Scottish Junior titles this season. I've always said that curling is genetic!

As always at the Henderson Bishop, a good crowd watched the final. And not just the main event......

Here are the winners of the Low Road with the Cherrystone, (L-R) Anne Hewitt (lead), Margaret Cairns (2nd), Vilma Kirk (3rd) and Ann-Maree Davidson (skip) from Perth.

Ann-Maree's team was too strong on the day for Ayr's Karen Strang, Gail Thomson, Anne Anderson and Sheila Kennedy.

Here Anne and Sheila work on Gail's stone. The Ayr team did well to reach the final of the Cherrystone. Karen had to take over as skip for the finals after their usual boss Margaret Agnew broke a bone in her leg in a skiing accident before the competition.

Definitely caption competition this one of Karen. How about, "The lion not sleeping tonight."

Margaret and Anne work on their skip's stone.

Gail jumps to action as Vilma and Ann-Maree watch behind.

Photos © Skip Cottage