Sunday, April 24, 2011

World Seniors: Final Report

Senior Women Final: Canada 9 Sweden 2.
Senior Women Bronze: Switzerland 5 USA 4.

Senior Men Final: Canada 5 USA 4.
Senior Men Bronze: Australia 8 Denmark 5.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Saint Paul:

"In the Senior Men's Championship, both the final and the bronze medal games went to extra ends with Canada winning gold 5-4 over USA and Australia cracking Denmark 8-5.

The Senior Women's Final was a one sided affair with Canada's Christine Jurgenson shooting the lights out of Sweden's Ingrid Meldahl, a past two time champion, 9-2. Switzerland grabbed the Bronze Medal from USA 5-4 when USA skip Margie Smith came up short twice with draws."

The official website is here. And there's a report with quotes on the WCF website here.

Top photo: Canada's Mark Johnson and USA's Geoff Goodland.

L-R: Christine Jurgenson (skip), Cheryl Noble (third), Pat Sanders (second), Roselyn Craig (lead), Lena West (alternate), Bill Tschirhart (coach).

L-R: Mark Johnson (skip), Marv Wirth (third), Ken McLean (second), Millard Evans (lead), Brad Hannah (alternate), Bill Tschirhart (coach).

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.