Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sickness Parade at Aberdeen

It's the second leg of the Women's Tour at Curl Aberdeen this weekend. Perhaps I should start by listing those injured, ill and missing in action. Sarah Reid's side has had to withdraw completely. That has left a gap in Section B, with the five remaining teams each getting a bye, and a chance for some practice.

That's Maggie Wilson above. Her team is under strength this weekend, Lauren Baxter sidelined with a pulled muscle.

Hannah Fleming has started the weekend well with two wins, here against Jennifer Martin. All the results are here. Team Fleming won the first leg at Forfar.

Kerry Barr has her own team at this event, having been substituting for Sarah Reid recently.

Front end Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr working hard.

Kerry's team faced Lesley Young's side this morning. Here Louise Joiner and Lesley ponder strategy. The front end are Beth Dandie and Hailey Duff. The Forfar youngsters gave a good account of themselves.

Lesley and Kerry.

Gina Aitken is injured too, and that brought coach Margaret Richardson into the team this weekend. Katy Richardson has moved up to skip, which allowed me this shot of mother and daughter working things out in their game this morning against Rebecca Steven. Rowena Kerr and Rachel Hannen are the front end.

Here's Rebecca. Her team is Jennifer Marshall, Karen Munro and Elspeth Lean.

Kate Adams was against Hazel Smith's team. But Hazel has been sidelined too with a shoulder injury, and Naomi Whyte was in the head this morning.

Here are the others in Kate's team - Elspeth Johnston, Jill Florence and Catherine Dodds.

Judith McFarlane was against Jennifer Dodds this morning. Jennifer was a man down - Becca Kesley was ill. Vicky Wright and Mhairi Baird had extra work to do! Judith's team is Cathryn Guthrie, Jill Donald and Fiona Steele.

Photos © Skip Cottage