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Posted January 24, 2011

Here are a selection of handles for sale, some are restoration projects. Note that obtaining bolts to go with the handles, if they do not have them, can be somewhat problematic. I've found that four different Whitworth threads were in common use, and of course length and thickness has to be considered. And they have to 'match' the look of the stones. I have already indicated where new stone washers can be obtained.

I've suggested what I think each pair is worth, and may be able to deliver within Scotland. Otherwise we can discuss P and P.

Set 1. (NOW SOLD, sorry.) This is the nicest pair. Initialed JS. Chrome is a little tired and there is a crack in the wood on one of them. These are replacement customised bolts. £60.

Set 2. These are a dinky little set that would go with a smaller set of stones. Brass and wood are OK. Note though that they take a wider diameter of stone bolt than is usual. They come without bolts. £50.

Set 3. (NOW SOLD, sorry.) These could be a good restoration project. Brass is in good condition under the muck, although the wood on both grip is cracked. No bolts. £40.

Set 4. These are modern chrome handles, although the chrome is tired and pitted. The plastic grips are intact. No bolts. £50.

Set 5. A restoration project. One of these handles is missing its grip completely (sadly), but these have been really a nice pair at one point. I like the octagonal plates. The brass will come up well. Original bolts are included. £50.

Set 6. These are three odd handles in various states of repair. All are brass. Sold as one lot. Offers?

Posted January 24, 2011

Pair of Welsh Red Trevors. Note these are INDOOR stones, and unsuitable for outside ice. Offers in the region of £300.

Posted September 18, 2010
A restoration project - three items for sale all together in one lot.

The first part is a pair of outside Crawfordjohn stones, with initials JB. The stones themselves are in good condition, although the handles that are attached in the photo above don't really pass muster!

Of course, wrapping a length of canvas tape around the handle makes them seviceable!

One polished side, one less so. But the stones are good runners.

The stones come with this pine box, clean enough, no woodworm, a perfect candidate for restoration.

What better way to store your stones but in their own box.

The third part of the lot is what it makes it so special. These are the handles which should be on the stones. They are engraved as follows: Willowbank Curling Club, December 1899. Presented by J. D. Hedderwick, President. Won by John Boyd. As you see, one handle has lost its grip. It could be restored perhaps, or the handles kept as they are as a talking point.

I value the whole lot in excess of £200. Best offer to a good home!

Posted August 27, 2010
Something for the garden?

This was once an Ailsa Craig Blue Hone curling stone. Its core has been removed, to provide running surface inserts for new stones. Some would call it vandalism, but the stone had probably reached the end of its natural life. I bought several of these in North Wales, where there once was a factory making curling stones from Welsh Trevor, from where I have no doubt these leftovers originated. The Canada Curling Stone Company still makes stones from Welsh Blue Trevor with Ailsa inserts.

You might like this simply as a conversation piece.

On the other hand, the cut out stone can be a garden feature, as above. (There are not too many curling garden features. I have had the thought that some blue jacketed gnomes, each with a curling brush, might be a seller and make my fortune. But perhaps not!)

It can sit nicely on a natural stone tile or piece of slate outside, and in a conservatory or inside on a large saucer.

If someone will offer me £20 for the cut out stone, I'll throw in the pot of flowers (which may differ a little from the one shown).

I have three available.

All proceeds from these sales go towards my costs in keeping Skip Cottage Curling on the road this season.

Posted August 20, 2010
Good homes are required for two more pairs of stones I have for sale.

These Blue Hone Ailsas are a bit special. The stones are reversible, for outdoor use. Original bolts, and replacement leather washers. Handles are in good condition.

They have both 'dull' and 'polished' sides, which you use depends on the ice conditions.

They have been little used. Indeed, traces of the maker's stamp on the striking band can still be seen, 'KAY'S EXCELSIOR 34 lbs'.

My estimate of the value of these stones is £250-£300. Make me an offer if you are interested. I can deliver foc Scottish mainland, or some arrangement for collection can be worked out.

Another set:

All black stones, source unknown, with interesting presentation handles.

On each of the little shields on the handles are the initials A.D. and the date 1881. I suspect the handles are in fact older than the stones. Stone bolts and leather washers are originals.

These are certainly stones for use on outside ice. The upper surface is in good condition, and the striking band would indicate that they have not been much used. However, they have been kept on a concrete step or similar (why do people treat their stones so poorly) and the bottom surface is rather scuffed. They can be easily reversed prior to play though, and I would expect they will run beautifully on the polished (upper) surface.

I value these around £200, although the unusual handles might suggest a higher valuation to some. Again, I can deliver foc to Scottish mainland, or collection can be arranged.

Posted August 8, 2010

For sale is a pair of Common (Green) Ailsas, suitable for play on outside ice. They will date from around 1900.

They are reversible stones and have been pretty well cared for. The upper surface is the flatter, and more highly polished, for use when the ice is a bit drug. They are currently sitting on the less highly polished face, which has a running band of just less than 5 inch diameter. The slight rust stain on one of the stones is from a previous bolt.

I've highlighted the inscribed initials with a little flour here, but usually these don't stand out. (So unobtrusive are they that I didn't even notice the initials when I first saw the stones at auction!)

The functional brass handles are not initialled, and don't have a maker's name. The wood is in good condition, no splits. The brass will polish up really brightly, if you wish to do that (vinegar is the secret). The stone bolts are original, but probably not to these stones. That description also applies to the leather washers.

All in all, I think that this is a good set of stones to use outside, weather permitting of course, even if J.McP. are not your initials! Or they look good simply as a decorative item in a porch or beside the hearth.

I'm looking for offers in the region of £200. I can deliver at minimum cost and at a convenient time to mainland Scotland or north England. The proceeds will go towards keeping this blog up and running.

Contact me on email if interested. I will keep the sale open for a couple of weeks in case there is indeed a J. McP. out there!

Bob 8/8/10