April's choice (posted April 4)

This image of the Norwegian junior women's team at the World Junior Championships in Perth last month was taken by Richrd Gray. It was shot with his Canon EOS 40D, using the Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L IS lens, at a focal length of 80mm, in shutter priority mode at a speed of one eighth of a second, using an aperture of f4 and ISO 100, whilst panning.

Richard says, "Normally, I look for something in the image to be sharp, preferably a face but I think this image works even without that. Largely down to those wonderful troos!"

I agree. I think it's a great pic, unusual, and most deserving to be April's POTM!

March's choice (posted March 2)

This is another of Richard Gray's photos. Claire Hamilton was competing in the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Championship at Perth. I was interested in how it was taken. It's a panned shot, at one fifteenth of a second, f3.2, ISO 100 with his Canon EOS 40D, EF70-200 IS USM lens set at 145mm.

February's choice (posted February 2)

Richard Gray took this photo of David Edwards during the Ramada Perth Masters semifinal last month. He used his Canon EOS 1DS MkII with an EF 500 mm f4L IS lens, at ISO 800, 1/160th at f4.

January's choice (posted December 31)

December's POTM seems to have got lost in the chaos that accompanied my return from Champery, apologies. Here is January's offering.

Duncan Menzies is watching the path of his stone, and Katie Murray and Kirsty Morton are keen to see the result too. This from the semifinal of the U17 event at Forfar.

The photo was taken with my Canon EOS 40D, with a Sigma 70-200 lens, ISO 1600, shutter speed 1/160, f2.8. 

November's choice (posted November 7)

Birgitta Torn shows the intensity of the European Seniors Invitation final at Greenacres, as she sweeps with Sylvia Liljefors. The Swedish team beat Jacqui Crawford's side in the championship decider.

I took the photo with my Canon EOS 40D, with a Sigma 70-200 lens, ISO 1600, shutter speed 1/80, f 5.0. 

October's choice (posted September 27)

This photo was taken during the Ireland - Turkey game at the European Championship Division C Qualifying Competition at Greenacres, September, 2010. L-R: Oznur Polat, Seyda Zengin, Canan Melis Akyildis.

It's not technically a particularly good photo, but it seemed to me to capture the moment as a Turkish last stone just slips through the house. I took the pic with my Canon EOS 40D, with a Sigma 70-200 lens, ISO 1600, shutter speed 1/80, f 3.5

September's choice (posted August 27)

This photo was taken at the Grand Match on the Lake of Menteith, February 7, 1979. It shows the two frogmen who were on duty that day, posing with two of the 'competitors', the games completed, and everyone heading home. Can anyone identify these four figures?

I took the photo with a 35mm compact camera using slide film. The 35mm slide was digitised commercially, and remains an interesting, perhaps unique, record from that day.

First post
The plan is to pick a Photo of the Month during the season. Let's start though with my pick for the best of Season 2009-10!

This pic was taken by Richard Gray during the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Aberdeen last December. It's Katja Kiiskinnen of Finland.

Richard took this with his Canon EOS-1Ds Mk2 with a 500mm lens, ISO 800, shutter speed 1/332, f 4.0.

The photo is interesting and unusual in any case, but what makes it special in my opinion is Richard's positioning, within his composition, of the Australian red back spider which is a component of Redback Drilling Tools arena advert.

Katja was of course completely unaware that it is only the bite of the female Latrodectus hasselti that is poisonous to humans, or so it says on this website!