Monday, August 31, 2009

More Regional Academy

We're still in the experimental stage! Here is a small selection of photos from yesterday, followed by a link to a Picasa Web Album, with more, although these are not captioned. Feedback appreciated.

Robert Fawns, Jay McWilliam and Jennifer Marshall were the winners in almost every activity of the weekend. Top team!

Mhairi Anderson with the follow through.

It was good to see Peter Stark on the ice. Peter skipped the GB team which won medals at the 1st World Deaf Ice Hockey and Curling Championships last season.

Healthy athlete food at the Peak.

Jennifer Dodds whips her sweepers into action in the draw the button contest.

Isn't there something missing in this pic? Irene Hird in action.

First caption competition of the new season. Brad Askew and Ian Copland.

Judith McFarlane's delivery gets special attention from Rhona. Although my mother would have said, "Judith, you're going to catch your death!"

Not a classic delivery, but Fiona Steele did point out it was her first of the season!

One might ask what Albert Middler is doing in this pic. Good question, but it is the 'zones' exercise, where the sweepers have to decide where the stone is going to end up.

Logan Gray explaining all about angles.

Rhona Martin with Simon Lovelock of Elite Sports Analysis.

Right, now I'm going to try something different. I have a few more photos (another 36 or so) from the day. If you would like to see them in my Picasaweb Album, here they are. Just click on the block below to go there. Or, go further down the page and see them running in a slideshow. My own preference is to go to the Picasaweb album and run the slideshow from there. That seems to handle the portrait oriented pics better, and the photos are larger on the screen than they appear below in the embedded version.
Regional Academy Curlers at Stirling

You can mouseover to navigate the slideshow.

All pics by Bob.