Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Junior Camp in Sweden

I met Greta Aurell, Tilde Vermelin, Camilla Schnabel, Felicia Johansson and Almida de Val when they played in the Dumfries Junior International at the end of the season, see here and here. What an enthusiastic group of young Swedish curlers!

The girls have dreamed for some years of hosting a junior curling camp in Gothenburg. It has been a lot of hard work for the girls and not easy to convince the various authorities that a young team could organize a camp. However, their dream is to come true and the very first international camp in Sweden will be held October 27-30, with the blessing and support of the Swedish Curling Association and the World Curling Federation!

Interested? The camp is for juniors in the 13-18 age group. Further details of the camp and how to register can be found on the camp's website here.

Junior camps are undoubtedly the great successes of the sport today. Examples are the two camps organised each summer by the Royal Club based at Dolphin House at Culzean (both full), and the World Curling Federation's camp in Fussen to which the Royal Club sends the winners of our U17 Slam. And Shari Leibbrandt was in touch recently with details of the 2nd International Sweetlake Curling Camp, a team camp, August 8-13, see here.

The Gothenburg camp organisers. Photo from the camp website.