Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More on Performance Selections

The names of the athletes selected to the British and Scottish Performance Curling Programmes for the 2012-13 season were announced this morning. There are eight wheelchair athletes (three women and five men), sixteen women and twenty-one men.

The announcement is here, where you can see who made the selections, and I have reposted the names below. I think it is interesting that the curlers are not grouped as teams, as yet. However, from other sources it is clear that the Tom Brewster team of Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow - and now including David Murdoch - will operate as a five man squad, the fixed lineup to be decided by Soren Gran, the national coach in due course.

Logan Gray's team will be Ross Paterson, Alasdair Guthrie and Richard Woods, the lineup that did so well at the recent European Masters in St Gallen. Richard and Ross were the Murdoch front end last season. Glen Muirhead also receives support - I am presuming he will go back to skipping his own team again.

Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton remain as an unchanged unit. Hannah Fleming's team of Lauren Gray, Alice Spence and Abi Brown, the Scottish and World Junior Champions are all listed, although I hear that this may not be the team for next season!

So too are Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Dummond, winners of the Scottish Curling Tour, Scottish Junior Champions, and World Junior bronze medallists.

The wheelchair squad remains the same as last season, the seven from last year being joined by Robert McPherson who moves up from last season's SWCA Spokes Development Squad.


Scott Andrews
Tom Brewster
Greg Drummond
Michael Goodfellow
David Murdoch

Kerr Drummond
Logan Gray
Ali Guthrie
Grant Hardie
Scott MacLeod
Hammy McMillan Jnr
Jay McWilliam
Steven Mitchell
Billy Morton
Glen Muirhead
Thomas Muirhead
Ross Paterson
Cameron Smith
Kyle Smith
Kyle Waddell
Richard Woods


Vicki Adams
Claire Hamilton
Eve Muirhead
Anna Sloan

Kay Adams
Mhairi Baird
Abigail Brown
Jennifer Dodds
Hannah Fleming
Lauren Gray
Jennifer Martin
Sarah Reid
Hazel Smith
Alice Spence
Lorna Vevers
Vicky Wright

Ian Donaldson
Gregor Ewan
Jim Gault
Gill Keith
Tom Killin
Angie Malone
Robert McPherson
Aileen Neilson

The Royal Club Academy and Talent Programme selections are still to be announced.