Sunday, July 17, 2011

Strength and Conditioning for Scotland's Curlers

Need a personal trainer? Curlers Neil and Ross McKinlay have just opened a strength and conditioning gym in Glasgow, and are keen to see Scottish curlers using the facility in the Govan area.

You can read more about the new gym at These two posts here and here show the facility being fitted out last month.

There is a video of two members of the David Murdoch team hard at it here. Well done to Richard Woods and Ross Paterson for allowing us all a glimpse of their suffering!

Curling teams who are looking for the edge in their fitness, mentally and physically, will be most welcome. Teams and coaches are invited to come and try out a FREE session.

Neil says, "I will be getting in touch with each team in the Scottish circuit, both mens and ladies about training at the facility. Because we have been involved with curling for years we are offering a sponsorship deal to a team that has a bit of fight in them!"