Friday, May 07, 2010

Kinross Curling Trust Raffle

This chest contained all the tickets for Kinross Curling Trust's Grand Raffle. The draw took place today at the Windelstrae Hotel. I was there of course - I really need a new car and I wanted to be on hand when my ticket was pulled out.

Scottish Champion skip Eve Muirhead was asked to make the draw. Here she is with Bob Tait, the Trust's Chairman, and the winning ticket.


Sadly not. The lucky winner was Gordon Walker of Glenfarg. Christine Dawson and Alison Young won the 'minor' prizes (two nights dinner bed and breakfast sponsored by the Gleneagles Hotel, and six bottles of ten year old Ardbeg single malt whisky, sponsored by Glenmorangie). The bigger winner of course was the Trust's fundraising efforts, as more than £10,000 has been added to the pot. You can read about other fundraising efforts here.

Here's Bob and Eve again, with other trust members in the sunshine with the star, a little black Fiat Panda Active ECO 1.1 L, thanks to Arnold Clark and Fiat Perth. Happy motoring Gordon!

So good to see the fundraising continuing, although the National Curling Academy project remains on hold meantime, see here.

In the sunshine today it was easy to be optimistic that one day there will be a six sheeter on this site, with the RCCC offices and a world class curling history museum. Well, let's hope so.

Photos © Skip Cottage