Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Juniors add

Now, who do we have here? No, it's not a new mixed team for next season, but what a team it would be! The Perthshire Advertiser photo accompanies the recent confirmation that the Dewar's Centre in Perth is to stage the World Junior Curling Championships 2011, see here.

Bill Duncan, on the left, is Chairman of the Organising Committee. Also in the pic is Kay Adams (the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's Communications and Web Content Officer), Scottish Champion skip Eve Muirhead, and Councillor Callum Gillies (Common Good Fund, Perth).

The dates for the World Junior Championships are March 5-13, 2011. Put these in your diary now.

Perhaps this pic could be a caption competition! How about, "It was 'car park weight' you asked for, wasn't it, Bill?"

or "(a) The sweeping motion is in a side-to-side direction (it need not cover the entire width of the flag)."

or "New regulations allow for sponsors' logos on neckties should these be worn in televised competitions."

Alternatives are available.

The photo is courtesy of the Perthshire Advertiser.