Sunday, August 01, 2010

A new look for a new season

Welcome to a redesigned Skip Cottage Curling blog. I hope you will find it more legible than before.

There are some new features. Although the central 'Home' page, the blog which you are now reading, remains the same as before, the site has extra pages. Some of these can already be accessed on the menu bar below the header.

'Editorials' will be where you will find a traditional editorial, updated monthly - my attempt to get you thinking and discussing about some aspect of the curling scene. August's editorial is already in place.

As you know, one of my main interests is curling photography. So of course I have taken the opportunity to have a Photo of the Month ('POTM').

The 'Looking Back' page is an attempt to keep the memory of the Scottish Curler magazine alive, by looking at what was happening 20 and 50 years ago, as seen (mainly, but not exclusively) through the pages of the magazines of the time.

More pages are planned. Watch this space.

The top link in my browser's bookmarks menu is to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's website where Kay Adams is doing a good job of updating content. I check this site every day, and I expect you do too. Hopefully, this blog will continue to complement Scottish Curling's 'official' site.

It's already the beginning of August, and I'm declaring the new curling season underway! I will post as frequently as information crosses my desk, if I judge it might be of interest to blogallies! As things warm up (or should that be cool down?) when rinks open and play begins, my plan, as it has been this past year, is to have something new here most days.

I am grateful to my advertisers, also known as the Blog Supporters Club! Clicking on any of the images takes you to the advertiser's website. There will also be opportunity for you to support individually too in due course, if you wish to do so.

And please contact me if you have information on any aspect of Scottish curling, or if you have any comment or question.