Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Murrayfield, 1984

We're back to 1984 today, to the SKOL Edinburgh International Curling Championship at Murrayfield. Scottish Television was the broadcaster then. I've rescued this clip from a VHS tape recorded at the time.

Actually, I hear Willie Jamieson has entered the Scottish Seniors this year, with Gordie Kennedy, David McGaan and David Kelly (or possibly his stunt double). Can't wait. I've joined the team's fan club already. Anyway, here's Willie in action way back in 1984, against Peter Wilson.

You might recognise other well kent curlers on the ice. I mentioned recently to the RCCC webmaster Lindsay Scotland (currently working hard on the governing body's new website) that I had this piece of video. However, his monetary offer for me NOT to show it was insufficient. So here it is, most of one end of the game. Click on either of the images to go to the video, or follow this link.

The top photo is of manager Ronnie Malcolm when the Murrayfield rink was flooded by the Water of Leith not long before the Edinburgh International was due to take place. All credit to the staff that the rink was ready for the Championships! The photo was used to introduce the STV broadcast (this is a still from the video), and the original still hangs in the entrance foyer of the Murrayfield Rink.