Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greatest sporting moments

It had always bothered me that there was no readily available video record of GB curling's greatest moment - the Olympic final in Ogden in 2002. Then, Rhona Martin, Debbie Knox, Fiona MacDonald, Janice Rankin, with alternate Margaret Morton, played out a 4-3 last stone victory over Switzerland. Just where could we watch 'the stone of destiny' again?

Rhona's son Andrew was just six years old in 2002. Eight years on, he too wanted to see his mum's success more widely available. So it's thanks to him that I recently got hold of a short DVD, which contains a tribute to the GB Olympic team, put together by BBC Sport. That's now uploaded to YouTube here, or click on the image above. Be proud! And well done the BBC.

There is already footage of the 2002 men's final between Norway and Canada, on YouTube here.

Thanks to Andrew and Rhona Martin for help with this.