Friday, August 13, 2010

Sao Paulo update

I think sometimes in Scotland we just take our sport for granted, bogged down in the politics and the problems, only seeing the negatives. It brings a tear to the eye to read about the enthusiasm of those new to the game, in a country without even one curling facility (yet).

If you read my recent post about curling being demoed in Brazil (here), you may well have been following events on The Curling News blog. If you haven't, go NOW and read the story here.

Then have a look at this video. And there is even more here.

Good luck to all the curling evangelists at the Neutrogena Arena, and I, for one, am so pleased to see that Linn Githmark will be wearing her Loudmouth pants. All the beginners in Brazil will just think it is the norm to wear colourful gear on the ice!