Monday, August 16, 2010

Kinross Update

I note from the August Update from the Kinross Curling Trust that David Jones has been appointed as the part-time Area Curling Development Officer at Kinross. He begins work on August 23. The position is funded by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in partnership with the Green Hotel and the Kinross Curling Trust.

£117,500 has been raised towards the target set by the Trust last August for local fundraising of £250,000 towards the National Academy project.

As things stand at present, the Kinross Curling Trust is not spending on the project until the situation regarding the Market Park site is clarified. The case to the Scottish Lands Tribunal by Kinross Estate Company to 'discharge the burden' has been submitted and the formal process is now underway. Interested parties have four weeks to consider a response.

The August Update says, "Timescales henceforth are at present uncertain as they depend in part on whether parties respond. KCT’s preference remains to build on the Market Park site but against the possibility this is ruled out the Trust is exploring alternative sites within Kinross and have held useful discussions with Perth and Kinross Council. The Chairman (Bob Tait) has met with the senior sportscotland officials dealing with our bid to update them on the situation and has been re-assured of sportscotland’s commitment."

The Trust's website is here for information about future fundraising activities.

I was intrigued by the final sentence of the document I received this morning. It says, "If you have any questions about the project please contact any Trustee for the facts. Rumour and misinformation can only hinder progress." The very 'fact' that there was a need to include this sentence, says much about the world we live in. Commitment to the truth, and the timely and honest dissemination of information, is something that I wish all curling organisations would take on board!