Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skins Final

Right, let's pick up the Stirling Summer Skins in the semifinals today. Anders Kraupp (above) came close but his Swedish side went down to Logan Gray.

Blair Fraser's five man team of Andrew Craigie, Lindsay Gray, Simon Gibb and Michael Goodfellow were pipped in the semi against Rasmus Stjerne.

This from the semifinal, to show that one pair of Loudmouth pants failed to make it to the deciding game, despite Andrew Craigie sporting them proudly!

So here are the finalists. Back L-R: Matt Ng, Trysta Vandale, Katja Kiiskinnen, Logan Gray. Front: Colin Dick, Billy Morton, Jay McWilliam, Rasmus Stjerne.

It was tense stuff. Mind you, the competitors all looked as if they had not slept for 48 hours...

.... which was probably pretty much the truth! It is a fun event.

Still, the finalists all showed good form.

Katwoman concentration!

Jay was much more himself today than he had been on Friday, see here.

Hard Canadian sweeping from Matt and Trysta.

Billy Morton and Colin Dick.

The final was an excellent game. It all came down to the last stone, the game hinging on who would win the final skin!

Click the screen to watch what happened. Or go here to watch in a larger size.

Having just been beaten, Logan donned his hat as the tournament organiser to present the cheque to the winning team, Rasmus, Colin, Jay and Billy.

And if you feel like taking part at home, this is this month's caption competition!

Pics © Skip Cottage