Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stirling Summer Skins

Thirty teams are signed up for the Stirling Summer Skins at The Peak tomorrow. The format is three leagues, played with the Schenkel system. I like the team names which indicate that this will really be a FUN weekend! The draw and game times will be:

Section A, playing tomorrow (July 16) at 9.30am, 3.30pm, and on July 17 at 11.30am and 5.30pm:

1. Ecoliving (Taylor)
2. Drunken Rock Throwers (Stjerne)
3. TM 2 (Thorne)
4. Team Woods (Woods)
5. Sweden XXVII (Kraupp)
6. Team Penny (Penny)
7. Wreckless Skin Divers (Shedden)
8. Gremlins (Porter)
9. Designated Drinkers (Pendreigh)
10.Team Balfour (Balfour)

Section B, playing tomorrow at 11.15am and 5.15pm, and Saturday at 8am and 2pm:

1. Perth Rock Throwers (McMichael)
2. Sweeckerbie (Lindstrom)
3. Shaving Ryan’s Privates (Meikle)
4. Team Russell (Russell)
5. GI Joes and Army Hos (Wood)
6. Team LG 2 (Gray)
7. TM 3 (Yeti)
8. No Fancy (Skarsmoen)
9. Fuessen Fanatics (LG)
10. Telf’s Tigers (Telfer)

Section C, playing tomorrow at 1pm and 7pm, and Saturday at 9.45am and 3.45pm:

1. Allsorts (Guthrie)
2. Four Skins (Joss)
3. Stoooooobes (Stobo)
4. TM (MacLennan)
5. Musketeers (Addison)
6. One Foot In The Head (Sutherland)
7. Flight Of The Commodores (Rudstrom)
8. Split Ends (Reid)
9. Touch of Blarney (Tierney)
10. Team Ecuador (Macleod)

The quarterfinals will be on Sunday at 9am, semifinals at 11.30am, with the final set for 2pm.

The cartoon above is by Saskatchewan artist Alden Seib, from a photo card gifted to me some years ago. Click on the image to see a larger size.