Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer at the Peak

It's the second year of the Stirling Summer Skins at The Peak, and this time around it's bigger and better than last summer.

Did I say summer? There was even the odd competitor in shorts today. (Anyone recognise these pins?)

Colourful curling indeed. That's organiser Logan Gray behind, with Katja Kiiskinen (aka Katwoman), against the young Braehead side.

Norwegian blondes Anneline Skarsmoen and Kjersti Husby.

Curling for everyone.

Even in camouflage. Bet you don't recognise the well-kent young curler on the left!

Yes, Loudmouth Golf has a lot to answer for. They get my vote every time though. More, more....

... and there was. This is Rachael Simms.

Definitely my favourite! David Soutar.

Trysta Vandale from Canada. The flower in the hair and the sunglasses, all part of the team uniform! Wonderful.

I think it's the socks that just completes this outfit so nicely!

In my time it used to be oranges at the break. Here Mel Porter dispenses an interesting pick-me-up of jelly babies soaked in vodka!

Matt Ng is a twice World Junior Champion from Canada, on his way home from working at the WCF Junior Camp in Fussen.

Marie O'Kane's Irish side had not played skins curling before, but took Scott Macleod's team to an extra stone decider in their first game.

Here come the girls. Or not, if you look closely. The 'Ladyboys of Stirling' just played the part oh so well!

This young Stranraer curler wins the 'Best Dressed' prize of the day. Well done, Jay!

By contrast,'s Gerry Guerts was more seriously attired. Enjoy your stay in Scotland, Gerry.

Rosemary Lenton

Alan 'I'll give it five' Hannah

A big 'well done' to tournament organiser Logan Gray, here having a wee moment of prayer during his first game! (Other captions welcomed)

Play continues at The Peak all day tomorrow (Saturday), with the deciding games on Sunday.

Photos © Skip Cottage