Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fiona de Vries Update

Lots of people have been asking about Fiona de Vries, who had a bad accident when competing for Scotland at the World Senior Curling Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, see here.

Teammate Hazel Swankie has been in touch with the news that Fiona is on the mend and should be flying home from America today. Hopefully she will be back in St Andrews by tomorrow (Wednesday) lunchtime.

Hazel has been
in contact with Fiona every day by email. She has had lots of visitors from the ice rink at Saint Paul, and loads of best wishes from far and near. She says, "I'm sure she'll be in touch with everyone once she gets home and rested."

Hazel also confirms, "We had a fantastic trip apart from Fiona's accident and met loads of lovely people. I certainly have memories that will last a lifetime."

Thanks for this update, Hazel. And we all continue to wish that Fiona makes a speedy recovery, and is back on the golf course soon!