Friday, May 06, 2011

Supported Curlers

The World Class Performance Programme selections have been announced today, see here.

The 'Podium Squad' comprises athletes considered capable of delivering podium results within 12-18 months. A maximum of three teams of each gender could have been selected. In fact, in this first year of the programme, the selectors have gone for just four. Not surprisingly, Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow are included following their sterling performance at the worlds.

David Murdoch is the other men's skip. I note one change in his team looking forward. Richard Woods joins Glen Muirhead and Warwick Smith in place of Ross Hepburn.

On the women's side, Eve Muirhead and Anna Sloan will have Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton as their front end. The second women's team in the podium squad is Jackie Lockhart, Karen Kennedy, Kay Adams and Sarah Macintyre.

The 'Performance Squad' comprises athletes considered capable of delivering podium level results over the longer term. Five teams have been announced. Two are women's teams:

1. Hannah Fleming, Lauren Gray, Alice Spence and Abi Brown (a junior squad)
2. Sarah Reid, Rachael Simms, Lorna Vevers and Barbara McFarlane. It will be interesting to see how this squad works out. Good to see Rachael Simms back, and that Lorna still wants to be in the big time!

The three men's teams are:
3. David Edwards, John Penny, Scott Macleod and Colin Campbell
4. Logan Gray, Ross Paterson, Alasdair Guthrie and Sandy Gilmour
5. Jay McWilliam, Colin Dick, Grant Hardie and Billy Morton (a junior squad)

This page has more information and contains the link from where you can download the selection policy, to remind yourself on how the above were selected.