Thursday, August 25, 2011

Glynhill Ladies International 2012

Over the summer months I've mentioned both the Edinburgh International (here) and the Ramada Perth Masters (here), as well as talking about the new Scottish Curling Tour (see here).

One competition I haven't mentioned so far is the Glynhill Ladies International at Braehead, the premier women's event in the calendar aside from the national championship, and the only women's Curling Champions Tour competition in Scotland. This season's competition will be held January 20-22, 2012, and the event website is here.

The organisers are hoping for twenty-four teams at least - it is certainly possible for the event to grow. There are still places, but the closing date for entries has not been reached. That is September 5. Entry information is here. Whether you are reading this in Scotland, in Europe, or even North America, and you think your team is of the standard to merit inclusion, or are still undecided whether to enter, then do get in touch with the organisers!

The competition continues its great association with the Glynhill Hotel, and receives support from a number of other sponsors, see here.

Edith Loudon is the main liaison with the competing teams and she confirms the Russian and Swiss sides that have supported the competition in the past are again in the lineup. Last year saw an entry from Latvia and these women are returning this season, as well as three teams new to the event from Finland, Germany and Sweden. Both Scottish Podium Squad teams, skipped by Eve Muirhead and Jackie Lockhart, are in the draw too.

Last year saw Sweden's Anna Hasselborg team win the trophy, and Anna has indicated her intention to play at Braehead again. So too has Mirjam Ott, Swiss winner in 2010.

Last season the contentious issues surrounding the Four Nations took me down to Fenton's Rink in Kent. That was a great weekend which I enjoyed immensely, but in consequence I missed the 2011 Glynhill competition. This season will be different, and I certainly hope to be back among the women at Braehead with my camera again in January!