Monday, August 15, 2011

Mike Ferguson to be international representative

Congratulations to Mike Ferguson (left) on being selected to be one of the Royal Club's representatives on the international federations. Applications were invited back in July and I wrote about that here.

The announcement was made on the Royal Club website on Friday and reads, "Following a selection process that was completed on 9th August we are pleased to announce that Mike Ferguson (Edzell Curling Club) will be joining Hew Chalmers, Edith Loudon and Bruce Crawford as the fourth current international representative for the Royal Club, at European and World Curling Federations meetings. Mike has a wealth of business experience in the insurance and investment sectors but is also the owner of Forfar Ice Rink and was chairman of the Royal Club’s board of directors from 2005-08. Mike’s experiences in working with the media, marketing, public speaking and negotiating will equip him well in representing the Royal Club at an international level."

Mike says, "I am delighted to have been offered the opportunity to represent the Royal Club and its members in this important role.

I applied for the position, as I genuinely believe in the important role the RCCC has to play in the development of the modern game. As the Mother Club the Royal Club has to steer a tough route between using its experience of the sport gained over many years to influence the direction of the ECF/WCF whilst at the same time building relations with fellow member countries.

I believe the Royal Club has to play a strong role in helping to shape the rules and the future structure of the ECF/WCF to ensure that the sport is fit for the 21st century and to achieve this it is important to work as a team with the other Scottish reps to lobby and network in a consistent manner.

I have already started pulling together the information I need to enable me to get up to speed as quickly as possible and certainly in advance of the external relations committee in September."

The photo of Mike is from 2007 when he was Chairman of the Royal Club Board and is © Skip Cottage.