Monday, August 22, 2011

Moscow European Championships

The website of the organising committee for the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Moscow, December 2-10, is now live here, with lots of information, especially about the venue, accommodation and visa support.

That's the venue above, the Sports Palace Megasport. Fascinating, as you can read here.

Who will be representing Scotland in Moscow? That will be decided at the European Qualifying Competition, at the Dewar's Centre, Perth, October 27-30. The draws can now be downloaded from this page.

The men's teams are skipped by Tom Brewster, David Edwards, Sandy Reid and David Murdoch, and the women's sides are skipped by Eve Muirhead, Sarah Reid, Hannah Fleming and Jackie Lockhart. The team lineups are here.

Note the rules for this year: "Where there are three or four teams competing, a double round robin shall be played after which the top two teams will play a best of three games to determine the winner." That's a change from last season when the result of the double round robin stood. And no, there's not an option for the loser of the Best of Three playoff, to suggest 'Best of Five' as we always used to do as kids. 'Best of Seven', anyone, or perhaps, 'Last Team Standing'?

The photo of the Moscow venue is from the ECC Host Committee website.