Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saving Energy

Matt Murdoch, Chairman of the Board of Lockerbie Ice Rink, my local rink, writes in the rink's recent newsletter, "Unfortunately, we have had to put the prices up for curling and skating due to the large increase in gas and electricity prices of up to 10% and these two items are our largest costs." It is a problem that all rinks will be facing, never mind the increasing domestic costs that all of us are having to deal with.

The World Curling Federation seems to be very much aware of the problem, and is offering help in the form of a two-day course entitled 'Energy Efficiency in Curling Rinks' which is to be held next week at Greenacres, see here. I note that the course will be conducted by well known ice technicians Hans Wuthrich and Leif Öhman (who are also running the Advanced Ice Technician Course earlier in the week), and energy consultant Ola Lindborg, from Malmö. The WCF website indicates that there are still places on the 'energy efficiency' course, although the deadline for entries has passed. There is room for thirty participants, and the cost is £180.

I wonder how many of Scotland's curling rinks will be sending representatives to the course? Certainly, making ends meet will be the challenge facing many this coming season.