Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pat is Chief Umpire in Naseby

Have you been following the curling results from the 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games at the Maniototo Rink in Naseby? You can find reports, and the links to the results, from this page of the New Zealand Curling Association website. Here's another source for the results.

Royal Club President Pat Edington is the Chief Umpire. You can see him being interviewed in this YouTube video, or just click on the image above. Interesting to see shots of the rink in the video and good to see a couple of Latvian friends (see yesterday's post) Ansis and Dace Regza competing in the Mixed Doubles! Here's a report of play from the Otago Daily News. And this report has a photo of Ansis testing the ice thickness in the rink!