Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The World of Curling

Here are three little video clips which you might find interesting this morning, as summer is slipping away!

The first is a CBC feature about an international summer bonspiel in Beijing. Canada's Randy Ferbey took part. Go here, or just click on the image above.

The feature starts after a short advert. Pipers and kilts too!

Next up is a record of an exhibition game in the new facility at Adelboden in Switzerland. Go here, or click on the image above. Nice rink!

A Norwegian film, Kong Curling (translates as The King of Curling), is set for release in September. This link has the trailer with English subtitles.

According to, "The story revolves around one Truls Paulson, a former champion who cracked under the pressure of competition. Now heavily medicated and out of the sport he loves Truls must reenter the arena to raise money needed for his close friend's surgery. It's time to polish up the rocks."

I'm wondering if Kong Curling might gain the cult status of Men with Brooms, which, if you have never seen, make sure you do so before too long.

I note that former Olympic Champion Paul Trulsen 'likes' the film's Facebook page! Paul, who is the general secretary of the Norwegian Curling Association, has had some health issues recently. We all wish him well and a speedy recovery.