Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New date and venue for Unders and Overs

The Unders and Overs competition, which involves competition among teams consisting of two female curlers under 25 and two older, had to be cancelled last season through lack of support, see here. I did wonder whether this type of competition had perhaps run its course. But no.

It's in the calendar for the new season for October 1-2, at Stranraer. The closing date for entries is August 30. The entry fee is £140 via Cairnie House, and participants must all be RCCC members.

The event involves six-end games.

Ladies' Branch President Claire McLaren says, "The decision to change the date was taken as it was apparent the end of the season was not a good time for juniors, with exams etc. So the Ladies Standing Committee have decided to try the start of the season. The consensus within LSC is NOT that the competition has reached its sell by date but we do agree it requires rejuvenated. It is an RCCC competition and is there to encourage juniors, and to nurture and promote our sport, this being within the ethos of both Ladies' Branch and RCCC."

Claire is looking for an entry of at least ten rinks "to make for a fun, sociable competition and to give new enthusiasm which the competition requires to put it firmly on the competition list."

Anyone interested need not be overly concerned if they do not have a full rink as the organisers will do their best to match people up into rinks. So, to say again, entries have to be in by the end of August.