Sunday, August 07, 2011

Stirling Summer Skins

Logan Gray (on the left) presents the Stirling Summer Skins winners' cheque to Megan Runciman (lead), Graham Shedden (skip), Claire Sloan (third) and Kenny Oswald (second).

The Shedden team beat the 'Tulips and Kilts' team in the final, which went to a draw shot tiebreaker. Graham put his in the front of the four foot. Jaap van Dorp was just too heavy in trying to better that. Jaap's team (above) were an international mix of Carlo Glasbergen (third), Maggie Wilson (second), Jaap himself, and Jennifer Marshall (lead). Note the specially designed teeshirts featuring tulips wearing kilts!

The thirty-four teams included a number of wheelchair curling sides, one of whom, the Jim Taylor foursome, made it through to the quarterfinals.

There were some interesting names on the board, eg, 'Three Guys and a Sloth', 'Irish Rovers', 'Boob Window' (don't ask), 'Hawf Wits That Chuck Stanes', 'That's What She Said'. And I was assured that the best dressed teams failed to make it through to the Sunday.

Mind you, winning skip Graham Shedden set a new fashion trend in this cosy cow outfit!

Megan, Kenny and Claire were taking the final game seriously!

Earlier however, Kenny was explaining why the team were called the 'Wreckless Skin Divers'. I doubt this photo will be bettered this coming season in the category of 'most unusual pic'! I've caught the release nicely though - as if you noticed!

So, here are the skips in the final.

Jennifer delivers with Maggie and Carlo in attendance.

From the semifinal, this has to be the day's caption competition!

Competition organiser Logan Gray, here delivering with Gordon MacDougall ready to sweep, lost the semifinal only when Jaap van Dorp covered the poppy with his tiebreaker draw.

Ross Paterson is a member of the David Murdoch elite team for the new season. No, there's no truth in the rumour that Ross is the team's fashion consultant!

Struan MacNee watches as Andrew Penker and Gordon Addison take his stone into the house in the semifinal. Afterwards, skip John Munro was ruing his defeat at the hands of the Shedden team. I'm sure he will eventually get over losing to someone dressed in a cow outfit!

You know, it might catch on... or maybe not. Anyway well done to Graham and his team, mooing all the way to the bank. 'Curling is Fun' was certainly the motto of the weekend. Good job Logan, and well done all at The Peak.

Photos © Skip Cottage