Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mixed Seniors at Stranraer

We're at the four-sheeter rink at the North West Castle Hotel in Stranraer for the Scottish Senior Mixed Curling Championship. All the results and standings are here. And what follows is a selection of random pics from the first day's play! Enjoy.

David Hird (right) joins Irene Hird and Arthur Beattie to sweep Catherine Beattie's stone.

Isabel Gillespie and Margaret Robertson

In the foreground are David Hird and Ronnie Peat. In the background, Vic Canata and Lindsay Scotland.

And here Ronnie joins Jennifer Peat and Michael Burton in sweeping Helen Burton's stone.

Did I mention I'm a member of the Reform CC? Here's Mike, Ronnie and Helen again.

Lindsay Scotland with Ian and Ronnie McDonald

Alan Stanfield shows good form. Place an X on the photo where you think the stone should be. And 'Colourful Curler of the Day Award,' do you think?

Iain Hamilton launches with his cue with George Edington ready to sweep.

Scary! Tommy Campbell, with defending champion George Kirk (see here for last year)

Jean Lennie and Matt Murdoch sweep Iain Baxter's stone

Jean asks, "Is that a new prayer you're saying?"

Meanwhile, Marion Murdoch just gets on with the business in hand.

Open wide. Iain Baxter.

Iain again with Ian Nicholson

Ian with David de Boer

Jim Waddell and Edna Nelson sweep Isobel Waddell's stone.

Gary Macfarlane

Second nomination for 'Colourful Curler of the Day Award' - Isobel Torrance.

Ena Smith is the only female skip in the competition, here with Bob Smellie.

'Curling is so much fun!' Please suggest other captions!

Not so long ago, senior curlers would have had something stronger sitting at the end of the ice!

Photos © Skip Cottage. Apologies if any names are incorrect.