Sunday, October 04, 2009

British Open Wheelchair Curling Championships

Michael McCreadie, skip of GB 1, with teammate Tom Killin behind, together watch the run of the stone at the British Open Wheelchair Curling Championships at Kinross yesterday.

Murray Cran discusses options with third player Craig Carter

Jill Mathieson

Karen Gauld, with Evelyn Cran as her buddy

Two more members of GB 1 - Angie Malone delivering, with Aileen Neilson

Jim Elliot, Ian Donaldson and Bill Masterton in discussion

Tom Killin, with Angie Malone

Rosemary Lenton was skipping GB 2

Mo Simpson

Jim Sellar played third for GB2 with Jackie Cayton and Gill Keith

Good to see Louise Dodd on the ice again

My favourite photo of the day! 'Life at an angle' with Tom Killin, Michael McCreadie and Angie Malone

All the results are here.

Pics © Skip Cottage