Monday, October 05, 2009

Ethan's final post from Prague

We did it! We won the best team and got a big trophy and shiny new medals! We had a great party (I went to bed very late, but mummy said it was ok since I cheered so great) and now I'm home and the happiest wee boy in the world!

It was very exciting on Saturday. We had to get up early as we were playing the Czech team in the semifinal. It was a very close game and mummy was cheering lots and got really excited when Daddy, Lynn, Colin and Michelle won the game. I gave them lots of hugs and then had lunch and Daddy and the team were off again this time to play Denmark in the final.

This was a very exciting game and once again had my fingers and toes crossed for my team. We took two points in the first end and stole one point in the fifth end. In the sixth end the Danish team took one as my team forced them into it. Then it got really, really exciting when we took two more in the seventh and the Danish team shook hands! We did it, we won! We are the European Mixed Champions. Hooray.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of good luck and congratulations, it really meant a lot to us!

That's me Ethan Brewster, guest blogger, signing OUT!

Thanks Ethan, welcome back any time! And well done Team Scotland! Pics courtesy Kim Brewster.