Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ethan reports from Prague

Hello everyone. Good evening from Prague!

It's been a busy day and we're all rested after a relaxing time in the city centre... again!

I spent most of the day in my buggy, but it was a bumpy journey with all the roads made from stones. I had lots of laughs at lunch time and ate lots of breadsticks at a yummy Italian restaurant. I got to run around a park in the centre of Prague too!

No curling today, which was nice, cause I got to spend time with mummy, daddy and the whole of Team Scotland along with Katie, Edith and Claire who arrived from Scotland this morning to help cheer on our team. That's me above with everyone.

Tomorrow we have another day to chill out and perhaps watch a little curling. In the morning the Czech team play Russia, and the winner of this game then plays Germany. The winner of that game plays us in the semifinal on Saturday morning!

England and Denmark will play off in the other semifinal on Saturday.

Fingers crossed everyone. I have everything crossed, even my toes. Mummy said so!

Night night, it's time for my bed.

Ethan Brewster

Photo is courtesy Kim Brewster. Thanks for the update, Ethan. Everything is crossed!