Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here come the girls

It was the Dewar's Centre at Perth today. This was Sarah Reid's attempt at a run back with last stone in her first round game of the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championship qualifying competition. Actually she didn't make it. Chalk a point up to the Claire Milne team. And find all the results from the competition here.

Here's Claire.

Rachael Simms and Lynn Cameron on Kim Brewster's stone.

And here's the rest of the team - Rachael Simms, Kim Brewster, Lynn Cameron, with Claire Milne, telling her sister Mairi how much they are missing her this season!

Meanwhile the youngsters get on with it. Abi Brown and Alice Spence work on Hannah Fleming's stone.

Lauren Gray

And the rest of Lauren's team. Tasha Aitken and Caitlin Barr sweep Claire MacDonald's stone.

Team talk, fifth end. Coach David Aitken, "Feint with the left, then flatten them with a right hook!"

Kirsten McNay and Mhairi Anderson working for skip Jennifer Dodds.

This has to be today's caption competition. Coach Margaret Richardson is doing her best 'teacher' impression with Gillian Howard!

And here Gillian imparts the advice to the rest of the team - Linsey Spence, Sarah Macintyre, Kay Adams

Dor Borthwick is chief ump this weekend.

Lauren Gray and Anna Sloan

Anna Sloan's team - Rhiann McLeod, Claire Hamilton and Vicki Adams.

Sarah Reid

Healthy athlete food

Keen ice, BIG swings

Judith McFarlane in the house

"Surely he never did that!"

"You're pulling my leg!"

"Karen, you tell such whoppers!"

"Just NO WAY!"

Pics © Skip Cottage