Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Riga 1

These are three of the original members of the Reform Curling Club today en route to Riga. Michael and Helen Burton (and me) were in at the beginning nearly thirty years ago!

The club has grown and prospered in the intervening years, and today 28 members and three support staff travelled from Glasgow, and are now safely in their hotel in the Latvian capital. And we dined superbly in a restaurant, with friendly efficient staff, near our hotel in the old city. They say first impressions are everything. Our Riga adventures are certainly off to a great start.

It was a long day, but quite uneventful... except for this sporran belonging to (name deleted to hide his embarrassment) which attacked a full glass of wine in a bar in the departures lounge at Stanstead airport, smashing the glass into small pieces, and spraying the contents over a number of members. What a waste!

Those who followed Bob's tales from two years ago, when the club visited Prague, will realise the significance of this pic. Happiness is seeing your bag on the baggage conveyor belt! It came with me this time!

Right, tomorrow is a sightseeing day. Then on Friday eight Reform CC teams mix in with eight local teams for a bonspiel in the Volvo arena. In the meantime, I'm working hard with the language lessons. Es esmu Bob. Kur ir tualetes?

Next update Friday, perhaps.

Photos © Skip Cottage