Thursday, December 10, 2009

Braehead Open continues

by Robin Shand (guest blogger)

The Le Gruyere European Championships may be reaching a conclusion at Aberdeen, but back in the real world of competitive curling (!), Wednesday evening's Audi Braehead Open sorted out the high flyers from the low gliders. All the younger teams + Jacqui Crawford's senior ladies and a couple of 'unpredictables' went 'high' road. Gary MacFarlane's senior men - you will remember they lost both games on the opening night - just scraped into the low road along with the rest of a very healthy motley crew.

Some heavy hitting games saw the departure of, among others, Jacqui Crawford and Andy Kerr while Anna Sloan and Fergus Corbett (an alias for the unfit Stuart Walker) join the other quarters winners in tomorrow's semifinals.

With a £650 pot for the winners there is a lot to play for before the dust settles but your scribe would be unwise to predict an outcome, particularly in the low road which has two further schenkel games to go. Anyone in the Glasgow area with an hour or two to spare tonight (Thursday) should come along and watch the final session which starts at 20.45.