Monday, December 21, 2009

More Lockerbie

As promised, here are some more pics from yesterday at the Lockerbie Junior Invitation. We're in the semifinals here. Ally Fraser's team had topped the standings, undefeated in five games. Peter Macintyre's side had come through in fourth place, with three victories. Peter is in the white top, above.

The Macintyre side made Fraser and his team (L-R Stevie Mitchell, Ally Fraser, Scott Andrews and Kerr Drummond) do a fair bit of thinking in the semifinal, and when the Inverness side stole a three in the seventh it was all over.

The other semifinal matched Derrick Sloan, Bruce Mouat, Darrel Russell and Donald Ross against Grant Hardie, Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead and Cammy Smith. A four in the fifth was decisive for the Hardie side. Derrick is on the left.

So that matched Peter against Grant in the final. What a good game it turned out to be.

Here's Peter Macintyre

And the rest of the Macintyre team, Ruaridh Greenwood, Scott Fraser, Jamie Fraser.

Here's Grant Hardie.

Cammy and Kyle work hard on Thomas Muirhead's stone.

Hardie led 5-4 in the tenth. With his last stone, needing only to clear an open Macintyre counter to ensure an extra end at worse, he jammed it on to a back stone, and the Inverness team had a simple shot for their two, and the game!

The women now, the semifinals. Lauren Gray's team had lost a game in their section, but got through against Hannah Fleming's team on a draw shot challenge. Their semifinal against Anna Sloan saw the game turn in the second. Anna's attempt to count a two went horribly wrong and she gave up a three against the head to trail 5-0. Anna, Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod fought back to 5-4, but that was the nearest they got. Team Gray was in the final.

Jennifer Dodds' team came through against Gina Aitken, Katy Richardson, Zoe Bain and Claire Lang in a game that was tight until the last stones.

That matched Gray against Dodds for the trophy.

Lauren had recruited Megan Priestley (on left) to cover for Claire MacDonald, who was unavailable for the Lockerbie competition.

Tasha Aitken played third, Megan second and Caitlin Barr was lead. Here they are working hard on their skip's stone in the final.

Here's Jennifer Dodds

And the rest of the team L-R Kimberley Smith (3rd), Mhairi Anderson (lead) and Kirsten McNay (2nd).

Here Megan and Caitlin look after their skip's stone in the final. The Gray side always seemed to have the edge, leading 4-1 at the halfway stage.

Here's a last photo of Lauren, without her trademark headband!

Pics © Skip Cottage