Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Here come the boys!

Lynn Cameron is running the London Marathon for Children with Leukaemia. To raise money she decided to give the ladies a treat and get the gents to take their clothes off for a calendar for 2010.

Ice and a Slice includes many of Scotlands top curlers, past and present and other willing gents who were more than happy to be models for such a good charity. It will be on sale soon for £10, from around December 14.

You can contact Lynn to reserve one (lynny999 at Payment through cash or cheque and if calendar requires posting then it will be an additional £1. Why not just give Lynn a donation of £25, £50, £more? It's a good cause.

So, does skipcottage approve? You bet it does. We hear that Brad Askew did the photography, and that Warwick Smith is in one of the pics, looking as if modelling is his day job. Ewan MacDonald is in the promotional shot. Nice medal! Who else, I wonder?

And apparently there's a special appearance of Ron Brewster and a horse. "Mind" and "boggles" just trip off the fingertips.

More on this story as it develops. See also the post here.