Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 3 at Taarnby

Keith Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robin Aitken and Tommy Fleming got off their mark at the World Senior Curling Championships in Denmark today. The Scottish men defeated Japan in their third game. They have two games tomorrow, against Italy and the Netherlands.

Barbara Watt's team defeated Finland. The Scots meet the USA tomorrow.

Linescores and standings are all here. Note though that the standings are expressed in an unusual way, see left.

If the table says 4-4, this does NOT mean four wins and four losses, the way that standings are traditionally expressed. It means that Canada and New Zealand have each played four and won four. Scotland looks to have three wins and one loss. Not so. It's one win and two losses.

Stupidity? Ignorance? Does the wheel have to be invented at every competition? Perhaps this is just the traditional way of doing things in Denmark. But it's wrong, and confusing in my view.

The results are mirrored on the WCF website here, with the standings listed in correct format. There are lots of photos in the WCF galleries here.

John Brown's reports from the rink are in Toothy Tales, here.