Monday, April 23, 2012

On Approach

Here they are! World Senior Silver Medallists (L-R) Maggie Barry, Barbara Watt (skip), Jean Hammond and Val Mahon back from Denmark last night, at Edinburgh airport where they were met by family and friends. It was a bit special, I have to say. Well done to the team, not forgetting Judith Carr, the alternate who gave the team great support.

Note to self. "Must get a hat." For my next visit to meet homecoming teams. This was the Irish welcome! Kathie and Jim Nixon flank John Burns.

And here are just two pieces of Irish Gold, Dave Hume, the alternate, and John Jo Kenny, skip of the World Senior Champions - IRELAND.  There's a photo of the whole team here.

And read here to see just how close the Irish are to having their own dedicated curling ice in Dublin! Fingers crossed.

Photos © Skip Cottage