Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silver Scotland in Taarnby

Barbara Watt, Jean Hammond, Maggie Barry and Valerie Mahon were beaten by Heidi Hanlon's Canadian side in the final of the World Senior Women's Championship in Denmark this afternoon. Scotland then have won the silver medals. Well done to our women! Sweden beat New Zealand for the bronze.

John Jo Kenny's Irish team of Bill Gray, David Whyte and Tony Tierney took Kelly Robertson's Canadians to an extra end in the men's final. With just two stones to come, John Jo and his team looked in trouble. But the Irish skip played a run back triple (!), and lay on the edge of the four foot. The Canadian skip was then too heavy with his draw for the game. Irish GOLD! Wonderful stuff.

Sweden won the men's bronze medal game.

The results are here.

John Brown's reports from the rink are in Toothy Tales, here. Louise Kerr's blog is here.

I found another webstream, this one with commentary from the Canadian Curling Association's Bill Tschirhart and was able to watch the last few ends of the men's final. This screenshot is not Photoshopped. I hope the Irish supporters might just pose a photo of John Jo next to the advertising on the scoreboard. As Ireland's first curling deity, John Jo and his team have improved Ireland's standing in the curling world immensely, and justified the support from their sponsors, see here.