Monday, April 23, 2012

Tell Us What You Think

It has always been in the back of my mind to have my own 'awards' for the rinks I visit on my travels round the country. You know the sort of thing. 'The Best Bacon Buttie', 'The Warmest Welcome', 'The Cleanest Toilets'. I could also have done the 'alternative' awards, such as 'The Worst Food', or the 'I was made to feel like dog shit' award.

I thought better of it, of course, as when one commits these things to print there can be consequences down the line! So my opinions have stayed in my head. Safe to say though, that I have received a warm welcome in almost every rink I have visited in the last ten years, and that's all of them!

But it was good to see that one rink, Forfar Indoor Sports, is doing its own survey to get feedback on how the complex might get better, as it looks ahead to next season. I think this shows courage, as well as a commitment to improve. So if you've played at Forfar this season, here's your opportunity to say if you found the ice to your liking. Or even if you have just visited, perhaps as a parent or supporter, you can say if the other facilities on offer were up to standard.

Go here, and do it now! You don't get asked often.