Sunday, April 29, 2012

Erzurum: Playoff Day

Judith McFarlane and Lee McCleary lost to Austria this morning in the quarterfinals of the World Mixed Doubles Championship in Turkey.

In the other quarterfinals, Sweden beat Canada, USA defeated China, and Switzerland came through against Estonia.

The lineup for the semis is Sweden v Austria, and Switzerland v USA, the latter game to be webcast. Watch that on the main event website here.

The linescores are here. Photo galleries are here.

Christian Roth and Claudia Toth are in the background of this photo of Lee encouraging his sweepers (make that, 'Hurry, Judith') is courtesy of Volkan Atar. Volkan is the photographer for the Turkish Ice Skating Federation, and this week has been photographing the World Mixed Doubles. See more of his photos from the event here