Friday, April 06, 2012

World Men's: Tiebreaker

Sweden won the tiebreaker against New Zealand for fourth place in the rankings at the World Men's Championship in Basel today. The Swedes were skipped by Sebastian Kraupp, Niklas Edin again sidelined with his back injury. He was in obvious discomfort on the ice in yesterday's games. Kraupp's team was always in control against Pete de Boer's side, and a five in the seventh finished it off.

Sweden will now face Norway in the Page 3-4 game.

The timings of the weekend's games, should you want to know when Scotland is back on:

Page 3v4: Norway v winner of tie-breaker (09:00 local)
Page 1v2: Canada v Scotland (14:00 local)
Semifinal: Loser of Play-Off Game 1v2 v Winner of Play-Off Game 3v4 (20:00 local)

Basel local time is an hour ahead of Scotland.

SUNDAY, April 8
Bronze Medal Game: Loser of Page 3v4 vs Loser of Semifinal (11:00 local)
Gold Medal Game: Winner of Semifinal Vs Winner of Page 1 v 2 (16:00 local)

The scores, standings, and shotmaking percentages are here.

Mike Haggerty's reports are here. General reports are here. Richard Gray's photos are here. Highlights and interview videos are on the WCF's YouTube channel here.

John Brown has yet more goodies from off the ice here!

Pete de Boer delivers. Kenny Thomson and Scott Becker are the sweepers. Sean Becker in the house. A great week for the New Zealand team, to finish in fifth place in the rankings!

Photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown.