Wednesday, April 04, 2012

World Men's: Game 8 v Sweden

Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow beat Sweden, with Niklas Edin in that team for the first time this week as skip. Three shots at the fifth gave Scotland a 5-2 lead, and it was over after nine ends.

You can find all the scores, standings, and shotmaking percentages here.

Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here. General reports are here. Richard Gray's galleries are here. Highlights and interview videos are on the WCF YouTube channel here.

John Brown has some fascinating insights on what is happening behind the scenes in Basel here.

The coaches' bench. L-R: Soren Grahn, Ron Brewster, David Edwards.

Good to see Niklas Edin back on the ice, after a back injury.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown.